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Flowtrend 300-R Series

 FlowtrendItem No.Description(OEM Cross - Reference)  
125543 361TR-10W-20-2 1/2-SFY-316L
125568 TRC361TR-21WM-20-3-316FT lower weld/upper clamp
126456 371-10W-24D-2.5-316 Throttling Valve w/ Pos
127231 361-10M-20-3-E-316L
127463 361TR-23M-20-2 1/2-U-316L
361TR-23M-20-2 1/2-U-316L
127464 361TR-23M-10-2 1/2-U-316L
361TR-23M-10-2 1/2-U-316L
127565 361TR-30M-20-1 1/2-E-316L
361TR-30M-20-1 1/2-E-316L
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