Typical Applications

+ Mixing Vessels
+ Reactors
+ Yeast Tanks
+ Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
+ Beverage Tanks
+ Paint Manufacturing Tanks
+ Glue Production Tanks

Features & Benefits

+ 360° Spiral Cleaning
+ Rotating Spray
+ Self-Cleaning
+ Low Operating Pressure
+ Highly Efficient Cleaning
+ Minimized Fluid Consumption & Usage of Cleaning Chemicals

The Scanjet Bio 2/5/7SB-XXX-A (clip-on and weld on versions) have attained 3A certification under sanitary standard 78-01.

All Bio range machines are designed in accordance to the EHEDG, FDA, and 3A hygienic design guidelines, as well as being ATEX certified. Material certificates according to EN10204 can be supplied upon request.


The Bio rotary jet heads are suitable for medium to large process vessels where high impact cleaning is needed. The optimized hygienic design offers self-cleaning of the entire machine, both internally and externally. The standard surface finish of all Bio machines is 32 Ra, but other options are available upon request.


The new WashTrac™ tank cleaning sensor monitors the activity of the Scanjet tank cleaning equipment. Problems are immediately indicated and revealed to the operator while washing cycles are tracked. The WashTrac™ sensor is housed in high-quality stainless steel, making it ideal for use in sanitary and hygienic applications.

Each Scanjet tank cleaning machine is equipped with a sensor that indicates when the machine is running. The sensor is connected to the Emerson Process Management gauge on deck. There is no need for extra cabling n order to present the information on the Work Station via the Supply and Communication Unit (SCU).

The operators interface will present an overview where the operator can monitor the cleaning procedure.


The Scanjet weld adapters are designed to fulfill the demands and criteria of hygienic process connection for tank cleaning machines in process tanks. Weld adapters are available for all standard pipe dimensions.