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Sanitary Replacement Valves

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 FlowtrendItem No.Description(OEM Cross - Reference)  
101575 ARC-W-3A-2.0-77-20-NT
101581 ARC-W-3A-2.5-9-20-NT
101583 ARC-W-3A-2.5-77-20-NT
101602 SRC-W-3A-2.0-9-10-NT
101603 SRC-W-3A-2.0-9-20-NT
101604 SRC-GC-3A-1.5-7-10-NT
101605 SRC-GC-3A-1.5-7-20-NT
101607 SRC-GC-3A-1.5-7-30-NT
101609 SRC-GC-3A-1.5-9-20-NT
101610 SRC-GC-3A-1.5-77-10-NT
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  • Flowtrend delivers high-quality products that intended to be interchangeable with the OEM.

  • You’ll gain access to an experienced staff fluid-handling experts from around the world.

  • Being ISO 8001:2015 and 3A certificated means that we provide high-quality products that meet the strictest requlatory requirements

  • Select products from a huge inventory of 10,000+ products, all ready for immediate shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanitry Valves

Are your sanitary valves intended to be interchangeable with the OEM?

Yes. Our products are designed and intended to be interchangeable with the OEM. We test our valves to ensure that they fit the existing equipment without any modifications.

How is the quality of your product?

We are a 3A and ISO 900-2015 certified company and have gone through all quality management specifications to ensure that our manufactured products meet the strictest requlatory requirements.

Which sanitary valves do you sell?

Why should | purchase sanitary valves from Flowtrend?

We stand behind all our products. Our sanitary valves are designed to last, and are easy to repair in the event of any malfunction. They dre all backed by our testing standards to ensure their durability.

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